End of the promotion “STEP-UP 2021” AND “FACES OF THE FUTURE”

Dear investors, all good things are coming to an end, so until tomorrow you still have the opportunity to take advantage of the unique offer “STEP-UP 2021” with discounts up to 1:80 and “Faces of the Future” with a discount of 1: 100. We apologize to those who have not managed to buy shares of the property, but we have extended the validity of the shares for 10 days! It’s great that you still have the whole day to catch up and dive into the history of the project, after getting the hologram in the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark museum and SWC personal account.

We remind you the terms of the promotion valid until December 10 at 23:55 (UTC + 3) (4am VN)

“STEP-UP 2021”

  • Installment payment of $ 50 per month for 12 months with a discount of up to $ 1 to buy 40 shares
  • $ 600 one-time payment with a $ 1 discount buys 40 shares
  • $ 100 per month installments for 12 months with a discount of up to $ 1 to buy 80 shares
  • $ 1200 one-time payment with a $ 1 discount buys 80 shares

During this period, the number of one-time investments and installments with 1:40 and 1:80 discounts are unlimited.

Discount 1 $ to buy 40 shares and $ 1 to buy 80 shares, fixed during the entire installment period. Even if you change phases, you will continue to open installments with a 1:40 or 1:80 discount.

“The face of the future”

  • Installment payment of 500 $ / month for 10 months with a discount of $ 1 to buy 100 shares.
  • $ 5,000 at a time with a discount of $ 1 buys 100 shares.

You still have to wait for the next promotion – although there won’t be any more – or go to your personal account.

Source: https://rsw-systems.com/news/promotions-end-10?lang=ru

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