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Residents moving to Astana’s Akim requested the launch of a SkyWay construction

Cư dân chuyển sang Akim của Astana yêu cầu triển khai xây dựng SkyWay

Residents of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, have moved to Akim (head of local government) Aset Isekeshev with a request to introduce the Yunitskiy (SkyWay) wired transport in the city and solve a multitude of problems. congestion in the oceans. Astana’s high concern is understandable, as Kazakhstan, a country in the heart of Eurasia, is actively modernizing and striving to set standards across the region.

23 06 KZ

For example, the Philippines, after visiting the world exhibition Innotrans-2016, held in Berlin in September 2016, completely abandoned its plan to build a metro at the state level and chose the Yunitskiy line as the system. main road system, although the UST has not come into operation anywhere. This transport technology is the brainchild of the former countryman, academic and engineer Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy for forty years and is currently being tested and certified on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The new transport system will be demonstrated on July 1 this year at the Ecotechnopark, located in the town of Maryina Gorka, 50 kilometers from Minsk.

India has developed a “smart city” program and this status has been awarded to three cities in three states, and the main feature of this status will be defined by Unitsky String Transport (SKY WAY). Also in India, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the main theme of building 4.5 million kilometers of SKY WAY across the country.

Currently, according to scientific and technical experts, Yunitskiy String Road is the most environmentally friendly, safest, cheapest and most durable road, does not like the terrain and does not harm the street, landscape, architecture, is the fastest, most economically profitable means of transport. Compared to the LRT (light rail transport) that we will build in the capital, Yunitskiy String Road is eight times cheaper and payback in a very short time. The road called “Skyway” of Yunitskiy is being created and implemented thanks to the equitable investment of the crowdfunding method, giving the project stability, confidence and fairness. The first kilometers of a new transport system in the world will appear in the Belarusian city of Mogilev.


In their letter, people not only shared their hopes but also the disappointment that led them from the oddities of doing some “advanced” events, – “As a nation. hosting EXPO 2017 and calling for the use of alternative energy sources (green energy), It is not appropriate that an outdated technology is passing through this exhibition, and this makes us citizens annoying street.

“But in the high-tech age, it has become much easier to collect signatures for a good cause and pay attention to a good decision. The Kazakhs are not indifferent to their homeland and country. likewise, “Considering the above, we, Astana’s undersigned residents, would like you to consider introducing our city SkyWay technology along the Astana International Airport – Terminal Astana train – Nurly Zhol train station and further in many major areas of the city We also invite you to join the historic EcoFestival, which will take place on July 1 this year in Minsk, where the wire technology of Yunitskiy SkyWay will be performed live ”.

The full text of the appeal can be found on the Kokshetau news agency website.