SkyWay24h | Instructions on how to register a SkyWay account | Buy shares in SkyWay.

Document study SkyWay project:
Instructions on how to buy shares in SkyWay details (
Investment Questions When Investing SkyWay:
Here is the registration link for the best support:
The following is a video detailing how to register, verify and purchase Sky Way shares.

Note: Please do and fill in the correct information as instructed to verify and correct information.

I: Register for a SkyWay account

Step 1: Click on the registration link through the referrer to get the best support for buying shares, selling shares when going to the IPO, updating information about SkyWay.

Standard registration link to buy shares of SkyWay Group:


Step 2: After that, the company will send a link to your registered gmail, you click on it to activate your account.


  1. After activating the registration link will appear like that
    Line 1: Enter the last name (Ex: Ho)
    Line 2: Enter middle name and first name (Example: Van Loi)
    Line 3: Verify that the registration number is correct
    Line 4: Enter the password: (Example: Aa123456 @)
    Dong 5: Enter the password again
  2. Line 1: Vietnam
    Dong 2: Vietnam
    Line 3: Enter the province DKHKTT on ID card
  3. Start account verification with 2-sided ID

II: Next are the steps to fill in information and verify your SkyWay account

Note: Please do and fill in the correct information as instructed to verify and correct information.

Line 1: Enter last name (Ex: Ho)
Line 2: Enter middle name (Example: Valve)
Line 3: Enter the name (Example: Loi)
Line 4: Enter your full name (Example: Ho Van Loi)
Line 5: Select gender (Gender is Male; Female is Female)
Line 6: Date of birth on ID card
Line 7: Select the country of Vietnam


Line 1: Select identity card
Line 2: Enter the identity card number
Line 3: Enter the date of issue of identity card
Line 4: Place of identity card issue


Line 1: Select the national price of Vietnam
Line 2: Enter Place of Registration


Upload 2-sided ID card photo and complete

III: Instructions on how to invest in shares of SkyWay (+84796.212.999 – +8436.508.6547 Zalo)
Option 1 is that you self-top up on your account.

AInh chuIp MaIn hiInh 2020 08 03 luIc 10.59.58

First you need to top up your SkyWay account. SkyWay has 29 payers.

First select, Banking => Deposit. Enter the amount you want to deposit

AInh chuIp MaIn hiInh 2020 08 03 luIc 11.05.14

Select the payment gateway for the account item

Payment via Visa / MasterCard
Payment via cryptocurrency
Bank transfer
Payment systems
Option 2 is that you contact Ho Van Loi for support to top up your account directly.
Ho Van Loi will deposit money into his account in advance to support your investment. Then, when you invest Loi, you will transfer USD from Loi’s SkyWay account to your SkyWay account. You will transfer money to Loi’s bank account.

Zalo 035.508.6547 + 0796.212.999
Link to register an account to invest:

The best investment package at the current stage:




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