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Legal information SkyWay

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Skyway has been in crowdfunding for 6 years starting from 2014 – 2020, going through 13 capital raising phases in a total of 15 stages, with 6 years of working globally and more than 200 countries. In private, the legal status of Skyway always provides full legal and transparency for investors.

tinh phap ly

1: SkyWay technology is valued by a large Russian competent company.

SkyWay technology is valued at 400 867 433 000 USD (four hundred billion, eight hundred six seven million, four hundred thirty three thousand dollars) by Russia’s most PRESTIGE valuation agency & seniority work more than 20 years.

According to the company’s “Market Value” valuation report on May 20, 2013, SkyWay Technology is valued at 400 867 433,000 USD (four hundred billion, eight hundred six seven million, four hundred and thirty-three thousand dollars), here it is clear that the pricing unit for SkyWay has the website “”

See on the company’s website:

See skyway valuation reports on market value

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“hi-audit” is a company included in the list of the largest group of auditing firms in Russia, the company includes 3 subsidiaries such as:

Auditing company of CJSC
Consulting company LLC “HOLD-INVESTMENT-AUDIT”
Euroimport LLC

Hi-audit is the unit that assesses the market value for SkyWay technology

Find out about this Audit unit

2: SkyWay is monitored and operated by the “BVI-FSC Financial Services Commission”

What is BVI-FSC? BVI-FSC is the abbreviation of the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission is the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, this is an agency of the British government, like in Vietnam, we have the “Ministry of Industry and Trade “Licensing and supervising businesses, internationally or in the UK, BVI FSC is the unit that licenses and supervises businesses there.

Learn about BVI FSC on the search toolbar

BVI FSC is a UK government agency, they license and supervise businesses here to protect the interests of investors in those businesses.

What are the obligations to investors?

  • Protect investors’ interests and money when investing in SkyWay, to ensure no loss of money.
  • BVI-FSC is like an arbitrator, is the agency with enough authority to stand in the middle to manage SkyWay’s asset value when investors participate.
  • Ensure compliance with the highest international standards and best business practices.
  • Ensure that BVI plays a role in the fight against white-collar, cross-border crime while protecting the privacy and security of legitimate business transactions.
  • See also BVI-FSC’s mission:

For the SkyWay company

  • Track and supervise the capital mobilization and use of SkyQWay
  • Create sustainable domestic and international trust with SkyWay and BVI financial services and contribute to SkyWay’s growth and development
  • Protect the company’s development interests
  • Protect SkyWay’s assets with development
  • See also the BVI-FSC function:


Verification of detailed information about BVI FSC’s license to monitor and operate Skyway

3: SkyWay has been issued with an ISIN securities identifier.

What is ISIN, ISIN, also known as an identifier of international securities on a global scale, large corporations listed on international stock exchanges such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, BMW … are all held by this organization. issue this ISIN code.

Let’s explore the functions of ISIN as follows:

Check out ISIN.ORG

Skyway is assigned the identification code of VGG322291094 by ISIN service

Learn more about Skyway ISIN issuance

4: Annual SkyWay audit

Why do businesses need annual audits? Your business won’t be able to participate in the stock market without releasing its annual financial statements.

The purpose of audit:

In the market economy, reliable, accurate and truthful financial information is absolutely necessary and is of great significance to subjects in economic activities. Independent auditors are formed to meet this demand of the economy.

The law of many countries affirms that only reports that have been reviewed and signed by independent auditors are considered legal, serving as the basis for tax calculation by the state and other interested parties. economic decisions in relation to business.

During skyway’s capital attraction process, skyway has had an annual audit report from 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, (2019 coming soon). Thus shows the transparency of the Enterprise

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Financial audit for 2019 is reported by a domestic auditor

Vietnamese version of domestic audit report

Financial audit 2019 reported by International auditor (Russian version)

Financial audit in 2019 reported by an International auditor (English version)


Examination of audit units for SkyWay
1. Belarusian domestic audit unit “Auditinform”

Skyway has been conducting a domestic audit by a domestic audit firm for 4 years. Auditinform is one of the most successful in the market for auditing services in Belarus, which has been in business since 2005 and is a member of the association of auditing organizations. unit’s website address:


Financial audit organizer for Skyway

2. Auditing unit with the international scope “BDO”

Năm 2020, skyway đã đưa “BDO” (đơn vị kiểm toán quốc tế) tham gia kiểm toán tài chính của skyway vào năm 2019 để công khai và minh bạch hơn trên quy mô quốc tế. (trang web:

Báo cáo kiểm toán tài chính Skyway 2019 do kiểm toán quốc tế báo cáo


Lịch sử của BDO

Tìm hiểu thêm về kiểm toán hàng năm của Skyway

5. Trích xuất từ ​​sổ đăng ký

Sổ đăng ký cổ đông hay trên thực tế được gọi đơn giản là sổ cổ đông. Sổ cổ ​​đông có thể là một tài liệu, một tập dữ liệu điện tử hoặc cả hai. Sổ đăng ký cổ đông là hình thức xác nhận quyền sở hữu cổ phần của công ty cổ phần SkyWay.

2020 08 30 154149

Đối với mỗi nhà đầu tư khi hoàn thành đầu tư và sở hữu cổ phiếu SkyWay sẽ có tên trong sổ đăng ký cổ đông. Đây là một trong những yếu tố quan trọng liên quan đến quyền lợi của các cổ đông SkyWay.

Trong phần sổ đăng ký cổ đông sẽ có những phần quan trọng như sau.

Họ và tên cổ đông cá nhân
Thông tin địa chỉ cổ đông
Số lượng đăng ký mà cổ đông đã đầu tư sở hữu cổ phiếu
Ngày phát hành số lượng cổ phiếu cho cổ đông.
Thông tin của công ty SkyWay.
Chữ ký và con dấu được trích từ sổ đăng ký cổ đông SkyWay

Khi bạn đã đầu tư xong, hãy đăng nhập vào tài khoản của bạn và chọn mục. ĐẦU TƯ CỦA TÔI ==> CHỨNG NHẬN CỦA TÔI ==> chọn NHẬN MỤC ĐÍCH TỪ SỔ ĐĂNG KÝ ===> Sau đó vào gmail để kiểm tra xem công ty đã gửi gamil cho bạn chưa.

Hướng dẫn đăng ký tài khoản SkyWay tại đây