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What are SkyWay and Yunitskiy’s SpaceWay for?

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Technology, leveraged in all times, is the engine of progress. Warming a cave with a fire, an ancient secret of life, is of great value to our original ancestors. Because of air pollution in cramped ice bags, human life expectancy does not exceed 20 years. Death from lung cancer becomes a normal phenomenon. Now, instead of primitive fires, which are factories, nuclear power, planes, ships, rockets and hundreds of cars, have turned the flourishing planet into a mechanical clique. Air, water, and earth became a cocktail of death, fusing the elements of the Mendeleev periodic table. A few more generations and the resource reserves were depleted, and the climate changed so much that the Earth became almost uninhabitable. However, humanity is excited to launch Elon Musk’s rocket. Blind enthusiasm does not allow the realization that it is slowly destroying us all. In addition, similar technologies are expensive, and the capabilities of today’s rockets are limited. Think of it, the cost of a one-time launch is more than $ 100 million, and the cost of transporting a ton of cargo into orbit goes up to $ 10 million. Obviously, under such conditions, the rocket cannot adequately meet the needs of the space industry, but at the same time, it destroys the planet’s ozone layer at frightening speeds. Missile transport in terms of efficiency is comparable to that of a rickshaw by strong horses, but hundreds of times more expensive. But, despite the disadvantages of this scheme, more than $ 1 trillion over the past 70 years has been spent on a meaningless race. What can save our civilization from self-destruction? Is there an alternative to rocket-free space conquest, and how to free the planet from harmful and dangerous production? That solution exists, and its name is SpaceWay. SpaceWay. a vehicle for the planet, developed by a Belarusian engineer 40 years ago.

Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitskiy.

Talented inventor, successful businessman, member of the Space Travel Association. His brand SkyWay over the past 2 years has been introduced to the international community in 16 international exhibitions. Why do bold inventors claim that this project will replace many transport systems and optimize the transport field? Yunitskiy has developed two different basic transport systems, land transport and space transport. Let’s talk about the more global type. To realize the concept, it is necessary to build an equatorial circle, which will move the fungus run by a linear motor on the magnetic cushion in the vacuum tube. The ring gradually increases in diameter, rising slowly above the ground, until it reaches the required height. Thus, it is possible to bring up orbit near the Earth up to 10 million tons of cargo per trip, using centrifugal force. At the same time transport costs 1 ton of cargo will be less than 1000 USD. It is 10 thousand times lower than the use of a rocket. Economic efficiency is reached 100 trillion USD per trip. For humans, endless space resources will be opened up, avoiding the planet from ruthless exploitation of technology. But now no one is ready to finance that program. Both Russia and Roscosmos, both NASA, and the United Nations. The trials of the project require no small investments of 100 billion USD, but to fully implement SpaceWay, it needs to focus about 500 billion USD. Then industry will help meet the needs of people on the planet’s scale and will be sent out to Earth. Huge amount of money! You guys say it. For comparison, it is practically only 2-3 years of US military budget. That is, the project that could change the course of history and promote progress would have to be forgotten?
Are not. It will be done.


Yunitskiy plans to derive the necessary capital from the profits of his other invention. It’s land-based line transport, it’s being marketed with a multi-billion dollar charter capital, along with giants like Ford, Boeing, Apple and Samsung. This new type of transport solves a series of environmental, economic and social problems of the earth community. The advantages of this innovation are broad.

Absolute safety.

The paved pipes, the names of the roads, will not kill more people or animals. SkyWay travels on the ground, so any crashes will be eliminated, accidents will be 100 times less, and the safety of the transport system increases by 2 thousand times. The automatic control will eliminate the destructive harmful effects of the human element.

Save resources.

There is no need to dig huge layers of soil, deforestation, destroy fertile soil, and dedicate them to the construction of automobile and railway roads. Spans between the pillars in some areas can reach between 40 m and 5-7 km, which allows for great savings in useful space.

Cut the cost.

Navigation structures allow multi-level traffic. For example, build a hard road that does not intersect, but on it there will be 2 lines. The secret to financial savings lies in the technologies and materials. The rails are used with lines that are stretched inside, placed between supports to withstand enormous loads. That allows material savings due to the tension of the lines. Another technological secret, special concrete, is used to pour into the rails. Special technology reduces wheel movement noise, makes the rail more durable, reduces its weight, resists corrosion. The result is much less material required and significantly increased the service life of the road.

Potential for the future.

The team behind the SkyWay project said that it would be economically efficient and profitable. According to their forecasts, it will reduce freight and passenger costs, ensure fast and low-cost transport from remote areas. As they say: “Traveling anywhere in the world will cost 10 times less electricity or fuel than conventional methods.”
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SkyWay will theoretically be much cheaper than maglev trains.
Construction of single-track track requires from 100 million USD per km, while construction of line transport is only 1 million USD. The Belarusian scientist’s project is 15 times cheaper than the Hyperloop vacuum pipe. In the future, SkyWay can improve the climate on the planet, bring huge economic efficiency and become the savior of areas subjected to floods and droughts.
The creators plan to build the wiring in permafrost and alpine conditions, where other roads cannot be built. It is possible to dream a lot, but as it is said, time will prove, but gaining momentum and support for the project is probably necessary. Since the project currently only includes public funding, more details can be found here. Currently, thanks to community investments, the company has built a pilot site in Belarus for four years.
SKyWay is currently conducting trials at the Ecotechnopark.
Three types of transport are being tested. Urban transportation, high-speed transport up to 500 km per hour, and freight capacity of 200 million tons per year. The staff responsible for the project said: “Future SkyWay, it is the disappearance of traffic congestion and accidents, haze and noise, ecological safety, the mode of transporting people and goods to the wrong place. anywhere quickly and much cheaper, boost the development of the universe “. Under the plans, SkyWay will have to become a more efficient and cheaper type of transport than existing analogs. Of course, skeptics can always be found, trampling on disruptive ideas. If you go into history, it can be seen that, there are no technical inventions: cars, trains, airplanes, immediately adopted by society, but only applied after many years. But now, without the iron birds, which, according to previous critics, cannot fly, we cannot imagine the present or the future.